The Long 4 Brows Duo Bundle

Long4Lashes Eyebrow Serum 3ml

Thanks to the most advanced achievements of global aesthetic medicine you can now benefit from uniquely effective serum Long4Lashes, that actively stimulates eyebrows growth. Its formula contains a complex of active substances that are currently considered one of the most effective eyebrow strengthening compounds, as it works on all stages of the hairs life. Enriching the product with hyaluronic acid has a positive effect on the eyebrows moisturisation level and helps smooth their surface while also containing Provitamin B to make the eyebrow stronger.

Long4Lashes Eyebrow Designer

Transparent gel Eyebrow Shaper with Biotin is the perfect eyebrow styling tool. A special brush helps shape your eyebrows and the innovative gel formula perfectly coats them. The product contains biotin, which in conjunction with provitamin B5 treats the eyebrows from the roots. It accelerates their growth, nourishes and gives them shine. The formula has also been enriched with bamboo extract, which regenerates and strengthens the hairs, increasing their density. The Long4Lashes eyebrow SHAPER is designed to achieve a 12-hour effect of perfectly shaped eyebrows. EFFECT: Visibly sculpted, highlighted, and perfectly shaped eyebrows with a subtle gloss.


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